About Us

Why choose us?

Dedicated to doing our jobs to the  highest levels, Custom Aviation Services is represented by over 80 years  of general aviation experience!  As a full service maintenance shop,  the experience mounts up  to over 40 years of A&P and IA licensed  experience.  Certified and experienced on several light sport aircraft and the  line of Rotax aircraft engine power plants

Our Team

Wesley Dees, A&P with extensive Rotax, Flight Design and Searey experience.

Alex Mut, Apprentice, under our direction he has become a valued asset to our team.

L. Green, A&P IA with extensive Continental and Lycoming engine experience.   

Wayne D. Lohmeyer, A&P IA Owner of CAS and fixed wing and hot air balloon pilot.  He's team is known as great problem solvers with extensive experience on 9 series ROTAX engines.

Conventlly located

Just west of Houston Texas on Fair Weather field Airport TX42